Our Philosophy

Verheilen GMBH was founded with the mission to serve the increasing demand of high quality, efficacious branded-generic medicines across Europe and Asia. To this day,we anchor our business onthe work philosophy “Efficacy first” especially as low-quality generic medicines continue to flood the market.

All Verheilen undergo rigid quality testing, some of which include bioequivalence and bioavailability, as well as multi-point dissolution testing. We invest on the research of new and innovative healthcare solutions, ensuring that the patients and other stakeholders are truly served with utmost care and consideration. On top of excellent track record on doctor clinical satisfaction and experience, Verheilen is able to offer competitively priced medicines with wide accessibility.

Our History

Established in 2001, the Verheilen GMBH headquarters was built at the heart of Kaiserslautern in Southwest Germany. At this time, we introduced our first pharmaceutical products,Incid (Ranitidine),followed by Cardioten(Atenolol),both later exported to Asia.

In 2003,Verheilen found an additional home in the Philippines. Our portfolio initially focused on cardiovascular and anti-infective therapies, eventually foraying into the antihistamine market with the launching of Zinex (Cetirizine).Within three years, this Asian expansion effort was at full throttle with Verheilen sealing a strategic partnership with India which included the transfer of technology and expertise.

During the same year of 2006, Verheilen entered the Spanish market via SugarwoodFarma SL. Assigned as the sole importer and distributor of SugarWoods SL products in the Philippines was Farmalberica Incorporated (Phil) .In 2014,the Iberica –VerheilemPharma Group was formed in the Philippines as the marketing arm of both Verheilem GMBH and SugarWood SL now Farmalberica-Catalan SL

Over more than a decade,the VerheilenPharma Group has grown its product portfolio with the inclusion of various therapeutic areas,sunch as anti –diabetics pain management ,anti-psychosis,anti- cholesterol drugs, and injectibles, as well as nasal sprays, inhalers , and insulin lines in the future.


18 Malumanay St.,

Brgy. Sikatuna Village
Diliman Quezon City


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